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        New Energy and Industrial

        Dahai New Energy is Shandong province’s largest silicon wafer manufacturer and one of China’s largest enterprises purely producing silicon wafers and ranks the top three in China. With “New Energy & New World” as the core value concept, Dahai will continue to make unremitting efforts for the global low-carbon environmental protection cause.

        Textile industry

        Dahai Textile, an excellent global textiles supplier, mainly deals in high-grade high-count compact spinning yarn and high-grade garment fabrics, which are mainly exported to India, the USA and other countries and regions. Dahai brand series of products have been rated as China Well-known Trademark and Shandong Famous Brand.

        Non-ferrous metal industry

        Positively taking advantages of the state preferential policies in circular economy, the development of “urban mine” and other aspects, the company established the recycle of scrap copper, processing and marketing of oxygen-free copper products, dismantling of waste household appliance, the extracting of gold, silver and other integrated metal industrial base, so as to build a relatively complete nonferrous metal industry chain and market support system from primary commodity to terminal application products.

        International trade

        The business scope of international trade covers aluminum, copper, silver, gold and other nonferrous metals, non-metallic material, logistics transportation and other fields, it has branches respectively established in Chile, Japan, Singapore and other countries, and meanwhile, company and office established in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Tianjin and other cities, possessing self-managerial import & export authority and public bonded warehouse, belonging to A-level customs enterprise.

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